What is Color Therapy


Want to know what is color therapy and why you should try it for an alternative treatment? Color therapy has been gaining increased popularity in the recent years. More and more studies are confirming the efficacy of this unique treatment option for several mild health conditions. This therapy was used by the ancient Egyptians, Tibetians and Native Americans since over 5000 years.  Its effects are thought to last at the cellular level.

What is color therapy

This therapy is particularly used to attain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance by using the positive vibrations of different colors. Thankfully, using color therapy isn’t that tough- you just need to know the basics of it all, and you’re done. Here we’ve bought you 4 cool tips and tricks of using color therapy to your benefit. Read on…



Revamp your Wardrobe

Here’s yet another reason to go out and shop. Once you know what color you’re supposed to be using to help heal your body, get out and pick up a few pieces in that color. Our clothes play a crucial role in influencing our health- this is because our body tends to absorb the color of the clothes that we wear all day.

Make sure you don’t just stick to a particular color and throw away every other piece of clothing as it would create an imbalance in the energies.


Visualize Color

Visualizing a particular color is a great way to use color therapy. Especially for those days when you may not be wearing clothes in the color that’s supposed to be healing you. Basically, the idea is to get yourself relaxed. Imagine yourself walking into a calm environment that has a lot of elements in the color that you’re attempting to use while breathing deeply.

For example, if you’re deciding to use the color green, you can imagine yourself walking into a lush green garden.


Re-Paint your Room

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to use the power of color therapy to heal your body. If you’re someone who has a home office, repainting your room into a color that is aimed at restoring health into your body is the best.

If you don’t really like the idea of painting your room say ‘red’ or any other color, you could also consider getting some elements that make a difference. For example, hanging some curtains or a simple photo frame in the particular color may also help.


Try Solarised Water

Using solarised water is another cool trick to use color therapy- what’s more, it is super effective as well. All you’ve got to do is wrap a clear glass with a sheet of gelatine paper in the color that’s aimed at healing you, and leave it in the sun for a couple of hours (more if possible). You can then consume this water.

You can also choose to bathe in the water that has been energized by a particular color.


Using color therapy is thought to have many benefits- it is a good natural way to empower the body (similar to taking a vitamin).


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