Top Abscess Tooth Home Remedy


An abscess is an infection caused by a chipped tooth and gingivitis. As pus forms inside the tooth, the result is a toothache that is extremely painful. The bacteria enter into the abscessed tooth and multiply rapidly, which causes the infection to spread to the bone. If you are suffering from an abscess tooth, you need to treat it on time, because the outcome could even be life-threatening if you don’t. An abscess tooth home remedy can provide relief from the pain and perhaps even help you to get rid of the problem.


A water-salt solution

Make a water and salt solution and make sure that it is at room temperature. You then have to rinse your mouth very slowly and thoroughly, keeping the solution in your mouth for a while. This functions as a germ killing treatment and reduces the pain. You can increase the salt content to increase the healing power if the pain persists.

Keep your mouth free from infections

As germ build up starts very quickly in the mouth, you need to keep your mouth free from infections by using disinfectants like baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil or salt. Each of these can be used by forming a water solution. The hydrogen peroxide solution should be quite diluted and you may even dip cotton in it and hold it against the affected tooth.

Make your immune system stronger

Because infections come on more strongly if your immune system is weak, it is very important to strengthen it. You can take several measures to improve your immune system, such as taking a healthy and nourishing diet, increase your intake of vitamin C and iodine, take sufficient sleep, and de-stress yourself. A stronger immune system will you fight the infections more effectively.

Detoxify and cleanse

A juicing diet, salads, fresh leafy greens or any other methods for detoxification and cleansing will help your body to get rid of toxins. Not only will you feel better about yourself, your body will respond by fighting off the tooth infection more effectively.

Use garlic

As garlic is known to be one of the strongest antibiotics provided by nature, you can use it in the form of a slice or powder as an abscess tooth home remedy. Place a garlic clove sliced lengthwise on the affected area. You may simply leave it there or chew it a few times until the swelling and pain subsides.

Use wet teabags

Using wet teabags have been known to decrease the inflammation caused by a tooth abscess. Soak a tea bag in water and put it on the affected area, holding it for some time. The tea bag absorbs the pus and toxins to some extent. The pus will be released and you can then rinse it with a natural disinfectant such as a salt-water mixture.


Turmeric has natural healing qualities and can decrease inflammation. Make a pasty mixture with water and turmeric. Clean your mouth and the affected area very carefully and use a cotton ball with the mixture to apply it on the tooth abscess. You can also make a diluted solution with warm water and turmeric and rinse your mouth with it.


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