Top 6 Home Remedies for Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar disorder is a depressive state and a mental illness that causes the affected person to experience recurrent mood changes. The individual may go through extreme mood swings ranging from extremes lows to extreme highs. Such frequent changes in the moods can be quite dreadful for those experiencing them and also for those around them. There are several possible reasons for a bipolar disorder and correct diagnosis is extremely important. Several types of long-term extensive treatments are one option, while many people prefer to use natural home remedies for bipolar disorder treatment. These are based on natural products and have proven to be very useful and effective.


Natural home remedies for bipolar disorder

Fish oil supplements improve the brain’s functionality

Fish oil has omega-three fatty acids that are very helpful in treating bipolar disorder. The natural nutrients contained in fish oil are vital for nerve tissue and hormone production. They help the brain’s functionality to improve and thus enable the patient to overcome a depressive mental state. Increasing your intake of fatty fish can help. Alternatively, you can also take supplements, but make sure that you consult your doctor for the appropriate dosage.

Passion flower treats excitability and anxiety

Bipolar patients often suffer from insomnia and severe depression. Passion flower is an herb that helps in restoring the balance of the neurotransmitters found in the brain. The sedative and tranquilizing effects of this herb provide relief from the stress, excitability and anxiety, often found in those affected by the bipolar disorder.  It usually doesn’t have any side effects but can sometimes lead to stomach disorders.

Flax seed oil contains omega-three fatty acids

The omega-three fatty acid found in flax seed oil offers an excellent natural remedy for bipolar disorder. Research has shown that it helps people suffering from bipolar and other kinds of depression. It works best when used in combination with other treatments and may not be effective as an isolated treatment.

The herb, ginseng improves the brain’s functions

Ginseng is an herb that can enhance the various functions of the brain, like the memory level, the concentration level or the attention span. Because depression is a major effect of bipolar disorder, the energizing impact carried by ginseng helps people with symptoms, such as extreme lethargy and fatigue.

The sedating properties of the Valerian root

As the nervous system is affected quite seriously by bipolar, the valerian root helps to calm it down due to its sedative characteristics. Another very effective one among natural remedies for bipolar. Valerian has been used often as an herbal treatment for sleep disorders, anxiety and mood swings. The patient usually feels calmer after using valerian. You can get valerian in the form of tea bags, liquid extract, capsules or dried root.

Licorice treats depression

The herb, licorice, has several qualities that can make valuable contributions towards the treatment of a number of symptoms that are connected to bipolar disorder. It increases hormone production for those hormones that are found in the digestive tract and the brain. This helps to treat the severe depression that affects bipolar patients very seriously. Herbal tea made with licorice dried root is very easy to make. Add a teaspoon of the dried root to one cup of hot water. Strain and drink it after ten minutes.


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