Top 4 Natural Home Remedies for Ear Infection


Home remedies for ear infection can treat different types of conditions in the ears. But before knowing them, it would be best to get familiar with what areas in the ears an infection might arise.

Otitis or inflammation of the ear can affect not just the eardrum but it can also involve the middle ear or otitis media and the ear canal or otitis externa.

The most common cause of otitis is a pressure change that happens during a direct injury, like a blow to the ear. Scuba diving may also cause an infection in the ears.

Best natural home remedies for ear infection pain in adults

Most ear infections could be treated without the use of antibiotics. In fact, those antibacterial medicines can only work as a placebo. Although you may not need medicines, the infection can get pretty uncomfortable.

Here we’ve put together a list of home treatments that you can try to help soothe your ears.

Garlic Oil

Garlic, per se, contains natural antibacterial properties. And if you combine it with eucalyptus, you’ll get both anti-bacterial and anti-viral natural remedy.

Preparation: You’ll need to cook garlic and olive oil in a pan on low heat. Cook it for at least 8 hours. Strain the oil before adding eucalyptus essential oil. Mix them well. Then, store the mixture in a tinted bottle.

How to use it: Warm a glass eyedropper using a stream of hot water for at least a minute. Let it dry first before suctioning up the mixture. Then, place 2 drops of the mixture to the affected ear every 30 minutes. Do it for 2 to 7 days.

Caution: Do not apply it on perforated or ruptured eardrum. See your doctor first.

Apple cider vinegar

This type of vinegar can treat almost any type of infection, including ear inflammation. Even some ENTs do advise their patients to apply it on the affected ear.

How to use it: At the first of infection, put drops of ACV to the troubled ear and leave it there for about a minute or two before letting the vinegar run out of the ear. Repeat this step every 2 hours.


Steam is one of the remedies that doesn’t involve putting liquid into the affected area.

What to do: Heat a pot of water that contains some herbs, like German chamomile, lemon balm and elderberry flowers. Breathe the steam through your mouth. This will open the Eustachian tube to relieve pressure and pain. To maximize its effects, get a large towel and put it over your head to trap the steam.

Caution: Close your eyes while you breathe the steam to protect them.




You may use local honey. However, if you could obtain manuka honey, then that’d be better. Honey contains antibacterial properties and it is rich in vitamin C that can help fight against infection.

Use: Simply swab honey around the perimeter of the affected ear canal.

If these treatments for ear infection didn’t relieve the pain or the infection itself, it’s best to consult your physician. Some ear infections are caused by food allergies. Thus, adjusting your diet may also help.

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