How to Prepare Healthy Smoothie Recipes in Minutes


Looking for ways to prepare healthy smoothie recipes within minutes so that you can incorporate these in your busy schedule? You’ve come to the right spot!

There are virtually thousands of healthy smoothie recipes available online. More so, the preparation technique allows ample opportunity for you to keep experimenting with the ingredients and enjoying the results. It unleashes the creative chef in you! But wait, there is more to this story!


Smoothies offer an efficient way to provide your body with essential nutrients. As all ingredients are broken down into small units, the absorption time is cut back significantly. So you can make a fresh and healthy start to your day that keeps you invigorated all through it!

It isn’t always easy to prepare healthy smoothies while you are running late for work! But there are things you can do to slash your typical preparation time in half so you have absolutely no reason to miss out on this early morning burst of energy. Here are a few tips to get you started on a healthy journey through life!

Prepare In Advance

As simple as that! Take some time on a daily or weekly basis to prepare your vegetables and fruits (those that don’t perish easily). Wash these and chop them into small pieces to make blending them easier. If you are preparing for the upcoming week, use zip lock bags to store an equal proportion of the fruits and vegetables in each bag. When it is time, simply empty the contents of the bag into the blender, add some water or milk and blend to the desired consistency. This is extremely simple and will take less than a minute if you have your quantities set right! Enjoy scrumptious and healthy smoothies as and when you like!

Use Easily Available Ingredients

In other words, follow simple and healthy smoothie recipes. Instead of going for smoothie recipes that include non-readily available ingredients or those that perish easily, try those ingredients that are easily available. By and large, the choice of ingredients depends on you and your personal preferences. Dig into your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator to find those ingredients that you think will complement each other. Even if a few experiments do go wrong, it will eventually help you formulate your own healthy smoothies!

Frozen Smoothies

If nothing else works, you can go for make-ahead smoothies. All you need to do is follow the recipe and blend the perfectly delicious drink. It is important for you to follow specific make-ahead smoothie recipes because these include a set of ingredients that do not deteriorate easily. More so, in some cases, the ingredients would reinforce each other and prolong their shelf life.

Once blended, transfer it to safe containers and freeze. You can also place it in the refrigerator but do keep in mind this will shorten its life considerably. So whenever you feel like having a healthy drink, simply pour in the make-ahead smoothie and enjoy!

A Little Will Power

Amidst all this, there is one constant that you will need – a pinch of willpower. Admittedly, making healthy smoothies take a considerably long time. Preparing ingredients is not really a task you will look forward to time and again during the week or the month. On top of this, smoothies are not exactly filling, which is why it may end up putting an extra burden on your kitchen chores.

But do keep in mind that your decisions here are directly proportional to your health. A little effort that you put in at this point will help eliminate future troubles. So what will it be for you?

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