Are you looking for a sinus infection home remedy?


If you are one of the thirty-seven million people in America who have to deal with sinus infections, perhaps it is time that you switch from the customary antibiotic treatments to an effective sinus infection home remedy. Antibiotics don’t work many times because they are designed to attack bacteria, while the cause for most colds is one of the several types of rhinovirus, which is of course a virus.


Improve your immune system

The first step is to review your lifestyle and create a home environment that reduces your risk of acquiring sinus infections. A main cause of frequent sinus infections is a weak immune system. Your immune system thrives on commonplace elements, such as a healthy and nutritious diet, clean water, sufficient sleep and suitable supplements. Effective stress management is another very effective home remedy.

Sustain suitable indoor temperatures

A sinus infection can be triggered by heat, because your membranes become dry and mucus does not get cleared very effectively, thus increasing the possibility of sinus issues. In a very cold weather, try to maintain a moderate temperature during the winter. It may be wiser to keep it at a level where you have to wear a sweater, instead of a warmer one where you only need to wear a t-shirt. If you wake up with congestion, the temperature is probably not right.

Maintain suitable humidity levels

Your indoor environment needs to be moderately humid. Humidity at a level higher than 50% increases the possibility for dust mites to thrive, which may be bad news if you are allergic to them. An overly-heated environment causes humidity levels to drop very low, which once again triggers sinus problems. Although different people have varying reactions to dehumidifiers, you may want to install a room humidifier from October to April.

Improve your ventilation system

As homes are now designed to be energy-efficient, they are sealed effectively to retain heating or cooling. As a result, the air gets very stale and intensifies sinus issues. Open up windows on warmer or cooler days, depending on the season. You do however have to be careful as high pollen content can aggravate your sinuses. You can also install air ducts for your cooling and heating systems, and change the filters on your air conditioner regularly.

Water, water, and more water!

This has to be my most favorite sinus infection home remedy, drinking lots of liquids, particularly water. You need to drink a minimum of eight glasses a day and most of this must be water. A clear sign that your liquid intake is sufficient is that your urine will generally be clear.

Stay away from household irritants

Hairsprays, cleaning products, cigarette smoke or anything with fumes can cause sinus issues or aggravate existing ones. Because each individual may have a different response to a fume or smell, you will have to discover the ones that cause you discomfort. Many people are allergic to pets, such as cats or dogs, or even both. If you have pets then limit your interaction with them at night.



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