Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss: Get a Healthier Body Today


Many people have been wondering if you can get a healthier body using juicing recipes for weight loss, “Does it really work?” “Is it even a healthy way to drop weight?” If you have these same questions, then read on to find out the answers and the benefits of finding healthy juicing recipes for weight loss.


By itself, juicing is not an effective solution for weight loss. One reason is fruits and veggies still do contain calories. And as any weight watcher would know, calories could be your worst enemies if you don’t keep a count.

Also, a pure juice diet is not as satisfying as your regular (healthy) meals; because fruit or vegetable juices don’t contain a lot of fiber. (In fairness, there are some high-powered or slow juicers that keep more pulp.)

So what’s the point of making healthy juices for weight loss anyway?

The good news is that juicing can be effective if partnered with your existing nutrition plan. If you don’t have one, get in touch with your dietician, doctor, and health coach.

Now, let’s get to the “juicy” part of this article. Shall we?

3 Major Benefits of Juicing for Weight Loss That You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. They give your body a chance to remove harmful toxins.

Juicing doesn’t replace your body’s cleansing organs, but it provides support during the detoxification process by supplying the right vitamins and minerals from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

Also, do you know the reason why some people—perhaps including you—have a hard time losing weight is because of the toxins stored in their fatty tissues.  The stubborn immune system refuses to let them go, especially if it feels this move can harm them.

What’s more, if you check the blood of those who’ve experienced weight loss, you’ll discover that it’s filled with potentially toxic substances.

2. They keep your appetite under control.

It does this by, first, correcting faulty eating habits. If you stick to this regimen, it trains your mind and body to always choose the healthiest alternative instead of junk foods. Second, the fermented pulp that’s retained in your intestines produces a waste product called as acetate, which alerts the brain to stop munching all those foods.

3. They flood your body with a ton of nutrients in just one sitting.

The sad truth is not everyone meets the ideal daily intake of fruits and veggies. When juicing, however, you can include as many nutrient-dense ingredients as you like, as long as they don’t interfere with your fitness goal.

As a whole, juicing to lose weight is a good habit to cultivate. However, it does require your commitment and discipline in order to produce your desired results. And please, don’t go on a juice fasting without proper medical supervision. Remember use juicing only as a complement to your weight loss plan.

Perfect juicing recipes for weight loss would include vegetables that contain protein, such as kale, spinach, broccoli, beet greens, and asparagus. You can also add some fruits to your recipes just to make the flavor sweeter.


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