Home Remedies for Anemia- What You Must Know


Anemia is caused by a lot of factors but the most common one is iron deficiency. This medical condition is typical among pregnant women and women experiencing heavy menstruation.

Doctors may recommend iron supplements. Unfortunately, they can cause side effects, like diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Although these unwanted reactions are just mild, they may affect your daily activities.

Because of the side effects, it’s worth trying these natural home remedies for anemia. They’re simple and may help in treating the root cause, rather than masking it. The goal of these remedies is to rebuild RBC supply in your body, thereby, treating the condition.

Natural home remedies for anemia in adults

Green Veggies

You’ll never encounter a vegetarian who is anemic. This is because eating a lot of vegetables, specifically green leafy veggies, can alleviate this condition.

Best veggies for this situation are spinach, fenugreek and coriander. They’re rich in folic acid and iron, which can replenish supply of hemoglobin in the body. Because they’re natural, you won’t experience nausea and vomiting associated with the use of iron supplements. However, eating them every day may cause you to defecate more often.


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Or in this situation, 3 apples a day will keep anemia away.

This fruit contains high amount of iron and other vitamins and minerals that can help in replenishing your body with the right supply of blood. It doesn’t matter whether it’s green or red. It’s still apple.

Don’t peel its skin as the skin also contains vitamins and minerals that may help in treating your condition and other diseases you may have. However, you need to clean it properly before eating.


It’s rich in vitamins and minerals that can prevent or treat anemia. To boost its effectiveness, try mixing it with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Drink this concoction daily.

Honey is known to increase hemoglobin as it’s also rich in iron, copper, and manganese.



They are not only great source of fiber but they’re also rich in iron, vitamin C and vitamin B complex. Because of their composition, they are used as an effective home remedy for anemia.

What’s great about dates is that they can be eaten either in their fresh form or you add them to your meals.


It’s a great substitute for sugar. You can easily find it in most Indian homes. Jaggery is rich in iron. When you consume it regularly, your hemoglobin levels will improve. You may add it to your coffee or tea, instead of using regular sugar.

If you have powdered jaggery, you may sprinkle it to your cereals or other food.


You may not like the taste of it but this vegetable may help you say goodbye to your anemia. It’s rich in iron making it a perfect home remedy for low hemoglobin levels.

You may extract its juice and drink it. Or eat it as a salad, like your favorite spinach.

There are other remedies for anemia your doctor may suggest for you. Always consult with your doctor first. Although, these remedies are the most commonly used alternatives for anemia.


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