Using Coconut Oil for Acne Remedy – Is This the Best Treatment for Acne


Acne can absolutely be your major skin problem, it is easily spread and it builds up very fast. It is very important to treat it as soon as possible or while it can still be stopped. There are numerous reasons for acne build up, some of those are everyday stress, pollutants, free radicals, toxins, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal imbalance, adolescence, lack of sleep, and many more. Anybody can experience it. If not treated immediately, acne can leave permanent and ugly pimple marks on your face, chest, and even back. Most people use anti-acne cream for treatment but you can start using coconut oil for acne.


Numerous studies prove the amazing effect of coconut oil in treating acne. Its oil came from coconut flesh, which gradually melted after heating up. Coconut oil can also be found in numerous beauty products and cosmetics. It has incredible components that are excellent in keeping your skin smooth, soft, and more beautiful. Now, experts proudly introduce it as a natural cure for skin acne.

Majority of people would surely hesitate with this idea because they think that oil is one of the main causes of acne, because it clogs your skin pores and makes the breakout way worse. However, not all oils can clog your pores. You just need to know how to use it moderately and should also know how to apply it. Some of the oils that are beneficial in treating acne aside from coconut oil are jojoba oil and olive oil. These three are commonly seen in many beauty products and soaps.

Coconut oil contains two very unique components that are very successful for simple home remedy. These two are capric and lauric acid, they can be found in an organic coconut oil. One of the main causes of acne is the bacteria build up. These two components are known to be a very effective anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti microbial, and anti viral, which made coconut oil highly effectual in eliminating all kinds of acne. Lauric acid is very rare, it can only be found in breast milk and in coconut oil. If you are looking for very natural and safe remedy for your acne, then coconut oil is definitely perfect. It only shows that lauric acid is already familiar to your body, which makes the absorption process more natural and fast.

Here are 4 easy steps how to start using coconut oil for acne:


  1. Use an organic coconut oil, you can find it at the grocery store or you can order one online.
  2. Organic coconut oil should be in slightly solid form. You need to put a small amount on your hands and slightly rub it in.
  3. Once it’s melted, start rubbing it circularly on the part of your body where you have acne. Make sure to put moderate amount.
  4. Let your skin absorb the oil perfectly, and then you can rinse it off after a few minutes.

It is definitely easy to use coconut oil as acne remedy for your skin treatment. Use it to treat your acne and you are sure to enjoy its wonderful effects.

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