Can Walking Be the Best Exercise for Weight Loss?


Some people have described “walking is a man’s best medicine.” Is it also true for weight loss? Can it be the best exercise for weight loss?

In various researches, walking has proven itself to be good for you and your weight. It may not be able to help you lose huge amount of fat in a shorter period of time. But it can make you fit and healthy.


Is walking the best exercise for weight loss?

1. Walk farther.


Walking can’t be the best exercise, if you don’t walk farther than you regularly do. You must first train your body to build distance before you go and start increasing your speed. If your regular distance is 1 mile, try going for 2 miles for one week. Then, add another mile the following week and so on and so forth.

2. Walk fast


But you must first start with an easy pace. Walking can be the best option for weight loss if you can’t enjoy the benefits of running for certain reasons.

Walk for 5 to 10 minutes at an easy pace. This is your way of telling your muscles that you’ll be doing this activity for a long term. Then, start the brisk walking pace. At this pace, you can still carry on a conversation and your breathing is still noticeable.

From there, you can start building your speed and duration.

3. Walk more but eat less


It’s true that many people find walking as their best workout for weight loss. But it won’t be the same on your case if you don’t watch your calories. As the golden rule says, you must eat fewer calories each day in order to shed pounds.

Women must follow a 1,200-calorie diet each day for a steady weight loss. But men and active women can consume 1,500 to 1,600 calories per day.

It’s easier to eat less if you focus on highly nutritious foods, instead of consuming processed foods. Then, pair your “eating less” habit with “walking more” attitude. Aim to walk 6 hours a week to achieve your ideal weight in no time.

4. Walk and keep track of the distance


You can wear a pedometer to keep track of your progress, like monitoring the number of steps you have taken per day. By knowing your progress, you can stay motivated and stick to walking.

5. Walking up the hills


This is to help increase the intensity of your workout. It’ll also make walking more challenging by walking on rocks, sand, and on trails. As you walk up the hills, try adding resistance to your body by wearing a weighted backpack or weight vest. But don’t use ankle or hand weights as they may cause injury as you walk.

Or you can lift the incline of your treadmill, if you don’t want to go outdoors and walk.

By following this guide, you can make walking as your best workout for weight loss. Those tips can also make walking more fun so you’re likely to stick with it for a very long time.


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