4 Most Useful Home Remedies for Mucus


Mucus is secreted by your body to provide lubrication and protection against foreign elements that may cause disease. Extra mucus is produced each time your body is experiencing extreme changes caused by a type of disease, like bronchitis or sinusitis. When you have a condition affecting your nasal cavities, the passage of mucus will be blocked.


You may call your doctor to schedule an appointment. But before you do so, you might want to treat your condition with these home remedies for mucus in lungs and chest. They don’t just help you save money from not going to your doctor’s clinic but they also boost your lung’s health.

Natural home remedies for mucus in lungs, chest and throat

1. Licorice

It’s one of the most widely used herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. What makes it effective in removing excess mucus from your body is its soothing effects to the mucous membranes.

It also contains expectorant properties which  makes it an excellent herb for clearing mucus. If the extra mucus is caused by a virus or bacteria, then licorice is your best option as this herb has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

2. Elecampane

Member of Compositae family, elecampane is utilized in the folk medicine to be a potent expectorant allowing it to be the best remedy for mucus.

In traditional Chinese medicine, this herb is used as a treatment for bronchial asthma or cough. Apart from being an effective natural expectorant, this herb is also mucilogenous. It coats your mucus membranes to reduce irritation while it helps your body in removing extra mucus.

There are several ways to use elecampane as a home remedy for mucus. The most common method is to add it to a cup of cold water. Let it steep for 8 hours before drinking it. You may drink it hot or cold. If you want to drink it hot, just heat the water with this herb for a few minutes and drink it 3 times a day.

3. Thyme

This herb can also be your best friend when you’re experiencing chest congestion. It has anti-septic properties that can effectively fight against viruses and bacteria that may have caused extra production of mucus.

You may prepare a tea out of this herb and drink it a few times a day. It’s also used to prevent infections in the respiratory tract. Pneumonia can also be prevented by taking this herb when you have colds. In this way, it won’t progress to pneumonia.

4. Oregano

Another herb you can try is oregano. It contains several amounts of vitamins and minerals that can help in boosting your immune function. Plus, it has a natural decongestant that facilitates removal of extra mucus. It’s better than an anti-bacterial medicine that you can find over the counter.

These herbs are not only effective in removing extra mucus from your body but they can also be used in treating other diseases. Because of the benefits of these remedies, it’s ideal to stock up on one or two of them in your medicine cabinet.

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