4 Top Home Remedies for Swimmers Ear


Otitis Externa or swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer ear. Fungus and bacteria are the common culprits. They could come from the swimming pool where you’ve been swimming.


If you’re a frequent swimmer, you’re highly likely to catch this disease. When contaminated water goes into your ear, it can be difficult for you to remove all the water out. As a result, your ear will become moist and warm, which is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

The home remedies for swimmer’s ear that we’re going to discuss below will help you treat the infection while waiting for your doctor’s appointment. Even if the infection has been healed through these remedies, it’s still necessary that you see your physician. This is to make sure that the infection has gone completely.

At home remedies for swimmers ear pain relief


Moderate heat can provide relief from the pain caused by this infection. To apply heat, you need a heating pad or a simple warm compress.

  • Use a clean hand towel
  • Soak it in clean, warm water
  • Make sure that the water is not too hot; else it could burn your hand or end up hurting your already painful ear.
  • Squeeze it
  • Apply it to the infected ear, every 1 hour.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another home remedy for swimmer’s ear that you must try is hydrogen peroxide. What you’ll do here is to soak the affected area with 1 to 2 drops of such solution. To make the solution more effective:

  • Mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar
  • Place a few drops of said solution to the infected ear

This home remedy may cause burning sensation to your ear but it only proves that the bacteria have absorbed the solution. A few applications after, your swimmer’s ear will be healed.


If you have an apple cider vinegar, then that’d be better. Vinegar is acidic making it a potent solution for all the germs that have been causing otitis exerna.

  • Place a few drops of vinegar to the affected ear
  • Do it twice a day

This is also a great solution after coming back from your swimming session to prevent suffering from this type of infection again.

Olive oil

Olive oil has antiseptic properties making it a perfect natural cure for swimmer’s ear.

  • Make sure that the olive oil is warm.
  • Place a few drops of the oil to the infected ear

Is it possible to use hair dryer?

On the other hand, if you don’t want to place a few drops of solution to your infected area, you can try a hair dryer.

  • Turn on your hair dryer and put it on the lowest setting.
  • Hold it at a few inches away from the infected ear

The goal of this remedy is to dry your ear canal. When it’s dry, bacteria can no longer thrive.

While using these home remedies for swimmer’s ear, it is imperative to remember not to swim, until it’s completely treated. After the infection has healed, you must wear ear plugs while you swim. This is to prevent the infection to reoccur.



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