10 Reasons To Follow a Juicing Diet


Deciding to follow a juicing diet may perhaps be one of the best decisions of your life. Not only will it yield several short-term effects, it will prove to be the first small step towards a transformation in your lifestyle towards a healthier you! I would advise you to start with a three-day plan. If you are rather unsure about whether you should follow a juicing diet, here are ten reasons that will surely convince you:


1. Get fruits and vegetables into your body

A balanced and healthy diet requires a substantial portion of fruits and vegetables to be consumed daily, and if you are not really fond of them, this is an excellent way to get them into your system.

2. Your stomach gets rested

Your stomach has to do less work to extract nutrients from your meals, because juices need less effort by the stomach’s digestive process, such as pepsin, acid and churning. A slow chewing motion with your juice will add oral enzymes to make digestion even more effortless.

3. Your intestines and liver get rested

Knowingly or unknowingly, we consume substances that harm our body’s systems. These include refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, pesticides, and medications. The intestines and liver process and detoxify our food and the numerous toxins create havoc in these organs. Juicing diet will allow the intestines to process food quickly, while the liver will get a much needed cleanse.

4. Your appetite will be reduced

Following your juicing diet will not make your stomach smaller; it simply eliminates the need to eat more and makes you feel gratified with a lesser quantity. You will start feeling more in control of yourself.

5. Make food choices less complicated

Once you start your juicing diet, you will consume only fresh produce, which will reduce the time you would otherwise consume in thinking about and preparing your next meal.

6. Rid yourself of detrimental foods

Juicing diet eliminates your intake of harmful foods, such as gluten, wheat, dairy, alcohol and coffee. After you stay off them for a while, you will be able to define the foods that have been causing problems to your body.

7. Gain additional nutrition

Your diet will comprise only fresh produce, which is rich in minerals and vitamins. As most nutrients are destroyed during the process of cooking, your body will now get additional nutritional value.

8. Weight loss

Apart from having more energy and feeling better, you will also lose weight. Juicing diet is an excellent way to jump start weight loss. Your meals will be low calorie and will help you lose weight without special effort.

9. Better energy level

Although you may have a one-day adjustment period, you will soon start feeling better clarity and have more energy with your juicing diet.

10. Decreased physical issues

Your usual chronic problems including rashes, headaches, gas, bloating, or congestion will become lesser with each day of your juicing diet. As your body has to expend too much energy in fighting the negative effects of unhealthy foods, inactivity, insufficient sleep, and stress, when you provide it with ample nutrients, and rest your mind and body, your overall health will improve.

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