10 Beginner Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Gym Workouts


There are plenty of ways to make your exercises more efficient and satisfying. If you’re just starting out in the world of fitness, here are a few valuable tips you should keep in mind when doing gym workouts.


1. Always have a fitness plan, so you won’t waste time wandering aimlessly in the gym. Be specific. Your goal could be like this: “I want to lose Y of fat, hit my ideal weight of X, and fit my clothes in X months by exercising Z minutes a day.”

2. Fill your tummy first. You won’t have enough energy to do those high-intensity workouts if you skimp or skip breakfast, or snacks before every workout. Besides, if you don’t eat, you’ll double your chances of gaining weight, said one survey study.

3. Take it slow. Especially if you’re just a beginner, it’s important to do the light workouts first to build your endurance. To know if you’re on the right track, you should still be able to talk without panting while exercising.

4. Ask the help of a licensed instructor. He’s going to be your motivator, performance booster, and disciplinarian all at the same time. If his professional fee is too expensive for you, ask your friends to join in, so you can split the fee.

5. Begin your routine with a workout you enjoy. Fun is a crucial ingredient of any successful fitness plan. If you like Zumba or cycling, start with that before moving to more intense workout routines for the day.

6. Mix it up. Doing the same sets of exercises every single day will most likely lead to what they call a training plateau. To avoid this, create new and more challenging workouts, or combine two gym workouts, like doing yoga after a strength training session.

7. Make you workouts short but productive. Unlike popular belief, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym. Study shows that even a 30-minute workout is enough to produce results.

8. Place your socializing on the back-burner—for the meantime. When it’s time to hit the gym, spend your time wisely by avoiding small chit-chats. I’m sure your time is precious, so do yourself a favor and use majority of your gym time to achieve you fitness goals.

9. Divide and conquer. If performing 30 crunches is overwhelming you, break them down into six sets with five crunches each. By dividing them into smaller sets, you’ll feel more empowered and motivated to keep moving forward.

10. Keep a workout diary. This will help you track your progress. You can also try putting up a workout blog, so others can give their opinions or suggestions to improve your training and overcome any roadblocks.

Well, these are just a few beginner tips to make the most out of your gym time. Any tips for gym workouts I’ve missed? Let me know your thoughts and suggestions about the training and staying fit by leaving a comment or two below.




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